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Excelling in life and business is possible for all of us! Progressive companies and forward-thinking individuals utilize our leading-edge coaching and training solutions because their mission is to be the best they can be. Like all great achievers, they realize how important it is to have an expert who can guide them to their next level of development and achieve their highest potential!


"I invite you to create profound and lasting transformation in your life and business!" Excellence Coach, Karen Parsons

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Our Personal Excellence Coaching

for individuals provides the one-on-one guidance of your own personal excellence coach, combined with a systematic methodology that identifies what is preventing you from creating the life and career

that you really want.

Then, we give you the knowledge, tools and techniques for creating a better life and career!


Our personal excellence coaching methodology has evolved from years of experience and research. The positive feedback from our clients and their obvious progression confirms that it works!


Our excellence coaching for individuals focus areas are:





Your company's greatest asset is its human capital. When you harness the collective power of your people by cultivating human excellence and potential, you unlock the key to taking productivity and profits to the next level.


Your leaders and their teams, your high potentials and key-employees create your company with every choice they make and every action they take. Yet it's the rare person who truly possesses self-mastery.


In fact, according to the experts, we are only consciously aware of 5% of what's really driving our choices.


At the foundation of our coaching and training are two fundamental principles:


Founder of


“Over the years I have come to value Karen's distinctive ability as a personal career coach and as a company advisor and strategist. Karen sees past the many distractions that can cloud ones own vision, while offering insights contributing to personal and professional success and fulfillment. I highly recommend Karen to those lucky enough to secure some of her time.”

Hugh Hannesson, Entrepreneur, Technology and Private Equity Global Executive MBA Program 2013, Oxford University


"It has been a pleasure working with Karen. Through Karen’s sessions, I have a renewed focus and have found my inspiration to continue to prosper. My advice to new clients: Have an open mind to go through the process. Karen is a very smart, business-savvy individual who knows how to guide you to be the best you can be. I partnered with Karen for my individual development. I can’t wait for our organization to hire Karen for our Leadership Team. It will be a truly transformational experience on both an individual and corporate level."


Cynthia Mooney, Director Canada, Customer Support and Service, Printer and Personal Systems Group, Hewlett Packard


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