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"The work that Karen Parsons has done with the leadership team at the MGA will make a positive and lasting impact on the organization.  We see improvement across the board in both competence as well as confidence.  Each of the participants offered praise for both the coaching initiative as well as for Karen.  We couldn't be happier."

                                                        Tod Pike, Metropolitan Golf Association, President

 "It has been fantastic working with Karen. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have participated in executive coaching as the interactions have been very beneficial to force me to stop, reflect and make adjustments to how I am approaching my leadership each and every day. The tools, insight and wisdom Karen has shared in our sessions has been extremely beneficial and has provided tremendous value for me to grow. It has been a truly great experience that I won’t forget. Karen is an inspirational person that I am glad I have had the opportunity to learn from."

Joe Audette, Samsung Electronics Canada, General Manager - Product & Channel Management


"I have utilized Karen's business and life coaching skills over the past two years and found them incredibly beneficial. I have known Karen since she worked as a search professional and she brings the same degree of energy, integrity and compassion to this new area of focus. Her degree of knowledge and insight, along with her ability to provide creative ways to alleviate work place challenges and stress with a healthy dose of empathy and insight is refreshing. I have had occasion to recommend her to others with very positive results and I would not hesitate to utilize her again or to recommend her highly to others. She is a tremendous resource and a sea of calm in a very turbulent work world.

Ron Hulse-President PEP Services (Former Chief Convergence Officer, VP, Mobile Communications & IT Business Solutions at Samsung Electronics Canada)

I recently participated in Karen's course: Take the Stressful out of Successful. Karen’s rich coaching experience shined through. I found her to be a keen listener and intuitive guide throughout the 12 weeks. The group interaction was dynamic and Karen created a warm and trusting environment for participants to share and learn in. I would highly recommend this course to business leaders looking for a constructive approach to self-managing stress in the workplace.

Karen presents a transformative course that is grounded in research and supported by anecdotes – this makes the content relatable. The insights I gained from this course have benefited me professionally. Importantly, everything I learned has positively impacted all areas of my life. Thank you Karen, for an great learning experience!"

Rina van Aardt, Toronto Marketplace Lead, Deloitte Canada

“Karen is a wonderful listener and truly cares about her clients. She is extremely knowledgeable, insightful, and authentic. Through honest feedback and discussion, Karen helps create focus and energy around achieving what matters most in your life.

I had the pleasure of working with Karen over the past year and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Without a doubt, working with Karen will ensure you are on the right path to achieving your goals, whether it be personal, professional, or both.”

Patrick Duggan, Strategic Enterprise Sales,

"I have been engaged with Karen over the past year. She is my executive and personal coach working with me on career and life transition as well as how to develop a new level of balance in my life. I have found that Karen has made a difference in my mindset and is actually taking me through a genuine process to help me progress through a critical phase in my life and career.

She is authentic and a good listener. She also asks the right questions and challenges my thinking. I appreciate that she has a truly successful career and has real business and life experience that is relevant to our discussions. This experience brings practicality and is powerful when combined with her methodology and insights. 

I would highly recommend Karen to anyone highly successful and driven, who is undergoing a shift and seeking something different. Lastly, I implicitly trust her judgment and know she keeps things in confidence."

Tracey Bodnarchuk Chief Marketing Officer, Norton Rose Fulbright

"It has been a pleasure working with Karen. Through Karen’s sessions, I have a renewed focus and have found my inspiration to continue to prosper. My advice to new clients: Have an open mind to go through the process. Karen is a very smart, business-savvy individual who knows how to guide you to be the best you can be. I partnered with Karen for my individual development. I can’t wait for our organization to hire Karen for our Leadership Team. It will be a truly transformational experience on both an individual and corporate level."

Cynthia Mooney-Director Canada, Customer Support and Service, Printer and Personal Systems Group/ Hewlett-Packard

“Over the years I have come to value Karen's distinctive ability as a personal career coach and as a company advisor and strategist. Karen sees past the many distractions that can cloud ones own vision, while offering insights contributing to personal and professional success and fulfillment. I highly recommend Karen to those lucky enough to secure some of her time.”

Hugh Hannesson, Entrepreneur, Technology and Private Equity Global Executive MBA Program 2013, Oxford University

“…We were thoroughly impressed with Karen’s personable one on one approach and her diligence in understanding the unique needs of our company and the complexity of our working environment.

Her program not only focused on the needs of the business but more importantly the needs of the individual. Karen was instrumental in helping Samsung identify key deliverables and how we would be able to quantify our progress/success. Upon completion of the program we noted significant improvement in our employee’s morale, quality of life, enthusiasm towards the job, stress level and over-all well-being.

We consider it a privilege to work with such a caring and conscientious professional and look forward to our next opportunity to work together.”

Nick Di Ponzio-Vice President, HR Strategy & Planning/Samsung Electronics North American Head Office

"...It has been a refreshing change from the old typical counseling session that drags on. Karen has wonderfully probed great questions that inspires me to think in other perspectives and has helped me tremendously in such a short amount of time. I would greatly recommend her to anyone that wants to better themselves or challenge some current issues that might be going on.

Louise Myler, Texas

"Thank you Karen! You are absolutely tremendous! I know that everyone that was there really took something away from it. You truly are an expert, and I admire the work that you do.” Your presentation really hit home for me and it is exactly what I needed. You are truly inspiring and uplifting. Your presentation skills are flawless and truly engaging! Sincerest thanks.”


Kim Kucher, Director – Step Ahead



“Great presentation. You smiled the entire time, very easy to watch and listen to. The way you tackled each topic was just the right amount of time and connected each topic well together...Thank you so much, Admirably.”


Andrea Roberts, District Manager, Starbucks Canada


“Karen, I found tonight’s talk to be very informative and inspiring. Your approach and delivery on the subject matter was very comforting and convincing. I would highly encourage others to hear you speak and will definitely use the tips you shared. I am leaving tonight with clarity and motivation to make my intentions happen!”

Audrey Davidson

“I had the luxury of meeting with Karen to discuss ways on how to decrease my stress levels while improving both my quality of life and continued success in business. Karen was a joy to speak with and she made me feel very comfortable. I found Karen to be very knowledgeable. She was able to diagnose my stress indicators very early in the conversation which allowed us to concentrate on ways to alleviate them.”

Jeff Baker

"I did four weekly sessions with Karen Parson's Life Coaching, and I walked away with a new tool! I am thrilled to use this tool. What I learned is to bring understanding and more communication in relationships. In life we all get bogged down sometimes with situations that frustrate us. Working with Karen has made me see that the situations don't have to keep frustrating us. We can approach them from different positive angles that bring solutions and compromise! Thank you Karen for a new tool in my toolbox!"

Susan, New Jersey


“Karen’s talk was very inspirational and motivational. She speaks from the heart and supports her ideas with scientific studies and personal anecdotes. Thank you for sharing great tools for overcoming obstacles and achieving success.”


Melanie Banwell, Pathworks



“Positive, inspiring and aspiring are three words that immediately come to mind after hearing Karen Parsons speak. I had the pleasure of attending one of Karen’s talk, she touched upon many issues and solutions that I personally face as an entrepreneur. I would readily recommend her for anyone wanting to take their career from ordinary to extraordinary.”


Antonia Akai - Casuccio 

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