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“I have utilized Karen's business and life coaching skills over the past two years and found them incredibly beneficial.


I have known Karen since she worked as a search professional and she brings the same degree of energy, integrity and compassion to this new area of focus. Her degree of knowledge and insight, along with her ability to provide creative ways to alleviate work place challenges and stress with a healthy dose of empathy and insight is refreshing.


I have had occasion to recommend her to others with very positive results and I would not hesitate to utilize her again or to recommend her highly to others.


She is a tremendous resource and a sea of calm in a very turbulent work world.”

Ron Hulse-President PEP Services (Former Chief Convergence Officer, VP, Mobile Communications & IT Business Solutions at Samsung Electronics Canada)


"I recently participated in Karen's course: Take the Stressful out of Successful. Karen’s rich coaching experience shined through. I found her to be a keen listener and intuitive guide throughout the 12 weeks.


The group interaction was dynamic and Karen created a warm and trusting environment for participants to share and learn in. I would highly recommend this course to business leaders looking for a constructive approach to self-managing stress in the workplace.


Karen presents a transformative course that is grounded in research and supported by anecdotes – this makes the content relatable. The insights I gained from this course have benefitted me professionally. Importantly, everything I learned has positively impacted all areas of my life.


Thank you Karen, for an great learning experience!"

Rina van Aardt, Toronto Marketplace Lead, Deloitte Canada


Hi, I am Karen Parsons, excellence coach and founder of

Successful Solutions.

What’s the one thing we all want out of our career and life?  

We all want to be SUCCESSFUL!

But how many of us truly have the kind of extraordinary success that permeates all aspects of life?

The kind of success that creates lasting happiness, vitality, prosperity and fulfillment.

For the past 30 years, I have worked with thousands of professionals and conducted intensive research to uncover the reasons why this type of profound success still eludes so many.

I have condensed decades of knowledge into an informative, inspiring and concise methodology designed to enlighten you to a better way--an easier, more productive path for creating and experiencing extraordinary success!

I have an unwavering commitment to my own personal and professional success. I know that I cannot support and guide others to reach their full potential if I don't epitomize this in my own life. I am so grateful to say that I am living out my dream life and am thriving both personally and professionally!

Before I could help anyone with his or her life, I first had to transform my own!

Don’t get me wrong; my life was wonderful. I had an incredible husband and daughter, family and friends. My search consulting business was booming and lucrative. 

I had it all! Still . . . something was missing.

There was an emptiness and lack of meaning that the wonderful things in my life could not fill. So why would I want to change a life like that? I felt guilty about these feelings. I thought, “How could I feel this way when I have so much to be grateful for?”

My thoughts of dissatisfaction persisted, and I knew I had to make some changes. My inner voice was telling me I was meant to help people and companies at a deeper level than I could as a search consultant.

Interestingly – just like me – an alarming number of the successful high-level professionals I worked with weren’t satisfied with their careers and lives, even though they had achieved so much.

This was the catalyst I needed to begin my quest to uncover the reasons behind the epidemic of discontent, and to find progressive and sustainable solutions for creating a life and career filled with vibrancy, meaning, happiness and prosperity.

My passion for maximizing human potential and excellence fueled my desire to become a personal and business excellence coach.

I am so thankful that my coaching services have been dramatically improving the lives and careers of my clients since 2008! 

All of the concepts, techniques and methods taught are based on solid research and experience, and the results are lasting. 

Please contact me to discuss how our excellence training and coaching solutions will empower you to excel in

life and business!

Karen Parsons 

Thanks! Message sent.

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