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Your company's greatest asset is its human capital. When you harness the collective power of your people by cultivating human excellence and potential, you unlock the key to taking productivity and profits to the next level.


Your leaders and their teams, your high potentials and key-employees create your company with every choice they make and every action they take. Yet it's the rare person who truly possesses self-mastery. In fact, according to the experts, we are only consciously aware of 5% of what's really driving our choices.


At the foundation of our coaching and training are two fundamental principles:

Awareness and Action

"You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it." Einstein

The beginning of any change must start with awareness. You cannot change what you cannot see.

Our success comes from the ability to help companies uncover the hidden barriers to achieving their highest potential and then provide transformational processes and techniques for implementing effective and lasting change within the organization.

Empower your organization to further excel, by utilizing our depth of understanding about human potential and how to leverage it!

All of our coaching and training is customized to fit the needs of your company.



The leadership style of pursuing "external power" is quickly becoming extinct, replaced by the cultivating of "internal power", which creates authentic leadership.

Your leaders will learn:

  • How to move from being a motivational leader to an inspirational leader

  • How to tap into their intuition where true vision is born

  • How to use the science of energy and intention to achieve their vision

  • The paramount rules of self-leadership

  • The common-denominators of great leaders

  • How to lead with certainty even in the most uncertain times

  • How to infuse a continuing stream of high-energy into their teams


If your leaders and their teams are feeling tired, stressed and under pressure, how can they be inspirational influencers? How can they build strategies and delegate a clear direction if they don't have clarity?

Your organization can't afford to have your best and brightest functioning below optimal level.

They will learn:

  • The critical difference between stress and chronic stress

  • Why reducing their chronic stress will lead to more success

  • How to identify when they are feeling stressed

  • How to know the real causes of their stress

  • How to immediately deactivate their stress response

  • Life-long best practices to permanently reduce chronic stress


What is the one thing that your key-employees want out of their career? They all want to be SUCCESSFUL! But how many of them are profoundly successful? The kind of extraordinary success that permeates all aspects of their work and life - the kind of contagious success that invigorates and inspires and improves productivity and profits!

They will learn:

  • How to expand self-imposed limitations

  • How to break free from the universal myth that creates continuing struggle

  • How to create a positive work experience, regardless of the circumstances around them

  • How to bring to the surface what is really driving their choices

  • How to utilize best practices to be more productive and efficient

  • How to become aware of thoughts and emotions that zap them of energy

  • How to create contagious and inspiring passion for their work


The proven concepts and solutions are designed with the collective in mind. With the overall goal of raising trust, aligning commitment, instilling a unity of purpose and superseding individual glory for the victory of the team!

They will learn:

  • The importance of open dialogue and empathic listening

  • How to put personal differences to work by fostering a mindset that embraces diversity; enabling the team to work together in ways that drive new levels of creativity, innovation, problem-solving, leadership, and performance

  • How to transform conflict into mutually satisfying outcomes

  • How to break patterns of thinking that lead to arguments and power struggles

  • How to build relationships grounded in mutual respect, trust, cooperation and shared understanding

  • How to broaden perspectives on similarities between personal challenges and goals, and the challenges and goals of the rest of the team

  • Practices that help manage stress and keeps the team inspired


Karen Parsons is an excellence coach and founder of Successful Solutions. For the past 30 years, she has been empowering individuals and organizations to further excel, using her depth of understanding about human potential and how to leverage it. She has condensed decades of knowledge into her personal and business excellence coaching and training.

A Complete List of our Business Excellence Coaching Solutions

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Successful Solutions is committed to providing the most progressive and leading-edge business excellence coaching solutions in the industry! Please Contact Us to find out how we can help take your organization to the next level!

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